Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday is not a Funday

Cereal: instant oatmeal, pkt, each
Yoplait Light x 1
Frozen Peaches x 1 Cup

Bell peppers: raw, medium, each
Pickles: dill, x 5 baby
Bread: wheat, low calorie, slice x 2
Apples: medium, with peel, each
Tomatoes: whole, medium, each
Mayonnaise: regular, 1 T
Lunchmeat: turkey breast, slice x 5

Celery stalk: medium, raw, each x 3
Beans: green, cooked, 1 cup
Pasta sauce: canned/jarred, x 3/4 C
Beef: ground, panfried med, 3 oz
Pasta: spaghetti, cooked, 1 cup

Cereal Bar x 1
Frozen Peaches x 2 Cups
TLC Crackers x 1
Total Calories: 1700
Daily Target: 1700

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Chris said...

Hi Dyane! So glad you stopped by to visit me! You're blog had disappeared.....I wondered what happened to you. :-( Glad you are back!