Sunday, August 29, 2004

Not Hungry

It's very strange, today I'm barely hungry at all. Why is it, when I'm not eating right, I want to eat all the time, but when I change things around, I have very hungry days & then days where I'm not hungry at all? I know the eating all the time thing, is why I'm fat & when I'm eating right I'm actually paying attention to my body & when I'm hungry. I know that I eat a lot of times when I'm not hungry & then I eat way too much. I would probably be a healthy weight if I had never stopped listening to my body. I wonder when I stopped & why?

Today's Menu

Weight Watchers Blueberry Muffin: 3 points
Frozen Peaches: 2 points

Chicken in Salad with Cheese: 7.5 points

Frozen Grapes: 1 point

Beef & Noodles: 10 points
Beets: 0 points
Tomatoes in Vinegar & Basil: 0 points

Skinny Cow (Mint): 2.5 points
1/2 Hershey Bar: 3 points
Total Points 29

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