Saturday, August 28, 2004

Week 1

This first week back on the wagon (of healthy eating) has been very good. I haven't cheated, although the opportunity has presented itself more than once. On Tuesday, the day I started again, Troy wanted to take me out to lunch. I made sure he took me somewhere that had good choices for me & I made good choices, too. Yesterday I planned my menu around what we were having for dinner, stuck with the amount I was allowed to have & stopped. I also turned down Pepperidge Farms cookies, which wasn't easy.

Today's Menu

Raisin Bran: 2.5 points
Soy Milk: 2.5 points

Frozen Grapes: 1 point

Sandwich on low-cal bread: 2.5 points
Cheez-It Crackers: 4.5 points

1 Weight Watchers chocolate cake: 1 point

Spaghetti: 10 points
Salad: 0 points
Tomato slices: 0 points

1 Skinny Cow (mint): 2.5 points
Popcorn: 3 points
29.5 points

I'm pleased with myself, for the first time in many months. I'm eating the way I'm supposed to & not complaining about it!

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