Monday, August 30, 2004

Very Busy Day

I'm absolutely starving today. I haven't blown it, nor have I really been tempted, but I am aware that I'm hungry. I'm looking forward to dinner, since lunch seems like it was a long time ago. I was very busy today, I cleaned the living toom, vacuumed, started some laundry, did the dishes, swept, did some more laundry, mopped, finished the laundry & then cooked dinner. This evening I went running around with my son, Erin, to spend his paycheck & then we ironed on some patches & stuff on the jacket he bought. I have to stay up tonight, at least until my daughter, Rhiannon, calls from the theater so I can pick her up (we have an 11pm curfew for kids under 16 & she's 14)

Today's Menu

Raisin Bran: 2.5 points
Soy Milk: 2.5 points

Frozen Grapes: 1 point

Sandwich on Low Carb Bread: 2.5 point
Cheez-it Crackers: 4.5 points
3 Tiny Dills: 0 points

Chicken in Lemon Sauce: 6 points
Beets: 0 points
Peas: 1 point

Skinny Cow (mint): 2.5 points
1/2 Hershey Bar: 3 points

Total Points 24.5

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