Monday, January 24, 2005

A Good Monday

I felt pretty good today, I didn't need to take any cold medicine until tonight, which was really nice. Today a friend left for preliminary training before he goes to Iraq, tomorrow, another one goes. It's very sad & scary.



1 Instant Oatmeal Packet
1 Medium Apple
8 oz Soy Milk


Turkey sandwich
(2 slices low-carb bread, 2 t mayo, 2 t mustard, 1 serving turkey, bell pepper, tomato, pickles)
1/2 C Pasta salad
1 Serving Doritos


3 hard shell tacos
(meat, taco shell, cheese, salsa, tomato, onion, lettuce)
1 Yoplait Light


Cereal Bar
2 C Frozen Berries (unsweetened)
Total Calories: 1790
Daily Target: 1700

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