Friday, September 10, 2004

A Little Sad

I'm feeling a little sad today. Troy has to work tonight & Erin will be leaving at 11 to go to work & then go to Las Vegas to workl tomorrow. Rhi is spending the night away, also. It'll be & Tiny tonight, I guess. I usually like Fridays, but that's because Troy is almost always here & we spend time together. Oh well, I'll live.

Today's Menu

Raisin Bran: 2.5 points
Soy Milk: 2.5 points
1/2 plum: .5 point

Salad with Chicken & Cheese: 7.5 points
Frozen Grapes: 1 point

Fruit Snacks: 2 points
Oreo Crisps: 2 points

Hamburger Helper: 8 points
Corn: 1 point
Salad: 0 point
Total Points: 27 points

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