Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Still Hurting

My neck & shoulder are still screwed up today, which made sleeping so much fun last night - NOT! I need to take some magnesium, I think. (Tonight my neck is finally better - that magnesium trick really does work)

Today's Menu

1 Slice Turkey Bacon: 1 point
Raisin Bran: 2.5 points
Soy Milk: 2.5 points

Sandwich on low Carb Bread: 2.5 points
Frozen Grapes: 1 point

Tomatoes & small dills: 0 points

Salad with Taco Meat, Cheese & Salsa: 10 points
Weight Watchers Chocolate Cake: 1 point

Frozen Peaches: 2 points


Total Points: 22.5

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